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Revitalising Drinks

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To maintain good energy levels and stay mentally sharp and focused, it is imperative that you stay well hydrated throughout the day. 


There are many drinks you can enjoy which can help keep you energised during your working day and it won’t surprise you that the number one drink is good old-fashioned H2O!


Our bodies are comprised of 70% water, which is vital for digestion, circulation and excretion and helps carry nutrients and oxygen around the body.  If you’re feeling sluggish, it may be that you’re dehydrated as fatigue is a common symptom of dehydration. 


How much should I drink per day?

Aim for at least 1½ litres per day, ideally 2, and keep a water bottle by your desk. 


Water can be drunk in a variety of ways:​

  • Fill up a 1.5 litre bottle with water (preferably filtered) at the beginning of the day and make sure it’s empty by the 6pm.

  • Wake up to a slice of lemon and/or ginger in warm water – leave the caffeine till a bit later.

  • Add a slice of lemon or lime to sparkling water.

  • It is easy to mistake thirst for hunger so if you’re feeling peckish, drink a glass of water and then decide if you actually need to eat.

Herbal teas can keep you refreshed and hydrated, for example: peppermint, rooibos (redbush), chamomile, fennel, nettle, liquorice.

Juices are high in sugar so limit yourself to one juice a day, preferably diluted 50/50 to avoid the blood sugar ‘rollercoaster’ effect.   

What about caffeine?

As for caffeine, there is nothing wrong with one or two cups of coffee or tea a day but be aware that because it’s a stimulant, caffeine stimulates the stress hormone adrenaline to release sugar from your body’s stores into your blood, thus raising your blood sugar.  This may give you a temporary surge of energy, followed by a crash, so even if you are not adding sugar to your caffeinated drinks, the body still behaves as though you were.  Ideally drink your coffee or tea before 2 pm so that the caffeine has plenty of time to exit your body before bedtime.

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Oils & Fats

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Whole Grains & Starchy Veg

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Energising Vegetables & Fruit

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