Longer workshops (half a day) and programmes (e.g. 6 or 12 weekly sessions) can be tailored to your business needs as well as those of your employees. Employees are motivated to continue when they see changes achieved over a short period.


Popular wellness programmes include:




This is a 3-hour interactive session for those who want a deeper dive into the principles of optimum nutrition and healthy living.  By the end of this half day workshop participants will understand:


  • The meaning of a truly balanced diet – the macro- and the micronutrients

  • Myths and truths about ‘healthy eating’

  • Which foods harm and which foods heal

  • Why balancing blood sugar is key to optimum energy, health and body weight

  • The importance of healthy digestion

  • The perils of sugar

  • How to read a food label

  • The value of super foods and how to ‘eat the rainbow’

  • Which foods stress the body and cause inflammation

  • Why intermittent fasting is a good idea

  • The importance of exercise, rest and sleep for a long, healthy life

  • How to get organised

  • How to prepare simple, healthy, delicious meals that suit their taste, culture and budget




This kickstart programme delivered over a 6-week period, with fortnightly seminars (can be delivered as a webinar) covers a range of different health topics to educate delegates about how to stay healthy.  


The course integrates the content of the Healthy Eating for Life workshop with specific health topics:


  • Eating for a healthy heart

  • Preventing / controlling diabetes with good nutrition

  • Brain health

  • Bone and joint health​


There are a range of different supporting topics selected to fit the needs of the group and to help people to integrate the new plan. These include:


  • Eating out

  • Staying healthy when on the road / business trips

  • Finding the motivation to stay active

  • Finding a healthy lifestyle that fits the individual

  • Overcoming life’s barriers

  • Commitment


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