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This is my signature detox programme and I recommend it to everyone at some point during their weight loss journey. 


It is perfectly normal to plateau at some point during any weight loss programme while the body resets itself but if this persists for more than three weeks then you may have a food intolerance and this POWER Detox is the perfect way to find out.

Don’t worry, it’s not a strict detox where you’re restricted to juices and water all day but a sensible, gentle, exploratory programme that helps you discover the foods that may be harming you and the foods that can heal and get you firing on all cylinders again.


Your 7-day detox experience includes:

  • Gentle detox guide 

  • Guidelines on preparing for the detox

  • Shopping list

  • Recommended supplements

  • 7-day menu plan and recipes

  • Daily checklist

  • Unlimited support through Facebook Group or Private Members area where you can ask questions and share your successes and challenges. 


When to do the POWER Detox

  • You will have the option to do the detox part way through any of the 6-week programmes to boost your metabolism and keep you on track.

  • As a standalone programme.


Price: £49

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The book is packed with healthy meal solutions to get you through your working day. Helping you have the right components for every meal!

"My eating habits have been

changed for good. This POWER Eating Programme does not feel like a diet!"

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"My eating habits have been

changed for good. 

This POWER Eating Programme 

does not feel like a diet,

in fact I’m eating much more

than normal and don’t feel

hungry. I’ve even lost

11 lbs and feel so much better!"   


"...I feel more energised, keener

to exercise, less greedy and

rarely hungry.
Great support from Linda and the

Facebook group really helped.

I certainly intend to continue to

build on this great initial progress –

led by my mind, with my body

following. "


"...Happy to have lost 5lbs too.

A real plus is that it hasn’t been

a problem adapting the

programme for the whole family,

I just cook the food we normally

eat - meat, chicken, fish - but

include lots more veg."