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Jane R



Linda helped me to bounce back to an energised lifestyle with her helpful, honest advice and support.  I am eating a more healthy and nutritious diet and, with Linda's suggestions and guidance, cooking has become more creative.  My goal was to start to reduce my cholesterol and regain my energy however,  I also managed to reduce my BMI and lost weight in the process.  I would recommend Linda.

Vicki K


St. Albans

In March I received a three month voucher, as a present from my family, to come and meet you and to learn about diet with a view to losing weight. I came along to your home where you made me feel relaxed about the whole idea. I have tried various diets but the one to one aspect of your programme suited me very well.

The initial session, which was a presentation of how you wanted to help me and the introduction to the zest4life programme was very clear and set me on my way. I was weighed and we discussed what the way forward for me. I came away feeling I had new information, like the importance of protein, which I was going to take on board. At my age, 69, you think you've tried everything and know everything there is about dieting, but no, Linda's programme showed me a new way.

I attended four sessions and had contact through the telephone and e-mails. I lost over a stone and have taken on a new lifestyle, my choice, for eating sensibly. I had to change bad habits and find ways to eat which fitted in with my timetable. This was not always easy to work round, but with Linda's help I have found a way.

I would recommend this programme to you if you have a problem with weight or just want to learn about healthy eating. The thing that stood out for me was that I liked the diet! I actually really enjoyed the recommended foods and to learn about diet too was such a bonus.

Ruth C



Hi Linda, just wanted you to know I really appreciate your posts. I did £'s for Lbs for Peace Hospice last year and unfortunately never really took on board all your nutritional advice,

as I had signed up for a very well known diet and lost 3 1/2 stone, and felt that was the way to go. 

I continued to eat copious amounts of fruit throughout the day against your advice, as they were zero points and I wrongly believed they filled me up. I also stuck to old beliefs that full fat made you fat! and was rigid with old diet habits of buying low fat dairy and never using oils. I was constantly hungry when I dieted and never managed to stick to them - you told us all of this, I just didn't listen! 

As I know you would have predicted, I piled all the weight back on almost immediately, and I learned the hard way how important low GL is! 
I started over a couple of months ago as my daughter is getting married in July and I really want to feel good for her special day. I got your book back out, bought Patrick Holfords low GL cookbook and I am now on week 3 of the 8 week blood sugar diet. I have finally taken on board all you taught us, and I can honestly say I am loving the new meals, and only have fruit if included within a meal. I have finally managed to control my sweet tooth, and rarely feel the old constant urge to binge on choc and cakes.
My husband has joined me also and we are both enjoying our new way of eating. I know now exactly what you meant when you informed us all about sustainable healthy eating.  Thank you, it may have taken me a year, but I have finally learned so much from you!

Peter G



As a very (4 stone) overweight diabetic, what attracted me to the POWER programme was its focus on positives, including energy increase, so that losing weight would be a by-product of improving one’s overall nutrition.

In just 4 weeks I’ve lost 9lbs and 2 inches from my hips. At least as importantly, my blood sugar has fallen dramatically and my blood pressure has come down. I feel more energised, keener to exercise, less greedy and rarely hungry.

Great support from Linda and my Facebook group really helped. I certainly intend to continue to build on this great initial progress – led by my mind, with my body following. "

Barbara B



I have really enjoyed the experience.   I found the food to be satisfying and it felt good to be eating those lovely healthy foods that I’d always avoided because of their high calorific values and fat content. 

Happy to have lost 5lbs too.   A real plus is that it hasn’t been a problem adapting the programme for the whole family, I just cook the food we normally eat - meat, chicken, fish - but include lots more veg.

Lorraine B



My eating habits have been changed for good. 

This POWER Eating Programme does not feel like a diet, in fact I’m eating much more than normal and don’t feel hungry. I’ve even lost 11 lbs and feel so much better!


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"My eating habits have been

changed for good. This POWER Eating Programme does not feel like a diet!"

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