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My 6-week programmes will kickstart your journey to a slimmer, happier and healthier you. 

Whatever the level of support you need, each programme includes the following:

  • Initial health assessment   

  • 90 minute intro session to learn the principles of low-GL and how to make it work for you (by Skype or phone if not local)

  • Body composition analysis if you are able to see me in person,

  • Coaching, motivation and accountability to help you make the changes you want.

  • Zest4life Nutrition Success Formula booklet including an 8 week menu plan plus 4 week vegetarian menu plan

  • Zest4life Personal Development Record

  • A number of coaching sessions face to face / by phone / Skype depending on level of support

  • Weekly food diary review and personalised guidance on what to eat

  • Ongoing contact to review your progress and support you. This may be face-to-face, by phone, Skype or email

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Prices start from £299




The book is packed with healthy meal solutions to get you through your working day. Helping you have the right components for every meal!

"My eating habits have been

changed for good. This POWER Eating Programme does not feel like a diet!"

Download this free health & energy

questionnaire and find out how to 

improve your health (and waistline) today!

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"My eating habits have been

changed for good. 

This POWER Eating Programme 

does not feel like a diet,

in fact I’m eating much more

than normal and don’t feel

hungry. I’ve even lost

11 lbs and feel so much better!"   


"...I feel more energised, keener

to exercise, less greedy and

rarely hungry.
Great support from Linda and the

Facebook group really helped.

I certainly intend to continue to

build on this great initial progress –

led by my mind, with my body

following. "


"...Happy to have lost 5lbs too.

A real plus is that it hasn’t been

a problem adapting the

programme for the whole family,

I just cook the food we normally

eat - meat, chicken, fish - but

include lots more veg."