• Do you find it hard to maintain focus and concentrate on tasks?

  • Do you suffer brain fog?

  • Do you struggle with low mood or anxiety?

  • Can you feel yourself becoming more forgetful and finding it difficult to retain information?

  • Are you tired all the time?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, now is the time to act. Our modern diet and 21st century living can take its toll on the brain – degeneration affects individuals of all ages and often begins long before physical symptoms are evident. A decline in brain health as we age is not inevitable – the brain is resilient and can thrive at any age when given the right conditions.


What does the Brain Health Programme include?

There are six 2-hour workshops in this exciting, informative and practical programme, including:

  • Coaching support throughout designed to get you motivated and keep you inspired to achieve the most positive outcome.

  • Nutrition for a Healthy Brain.  The low down on how food affects the brain, what food your brain loves and hates, all about carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals, veg and fruit, lots of recipes, smoothies and more.

  • Importance of Exercise – activity improves cognition and has multiple benefits, including improving memory, preserving brain matter, normalising insulin and increasing blood flow. Find out what exercise will suit you and its effect on your body.

  • Healthy Sleep.  Insufficient sleep can cause elevated blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and increased risk for Alzheimer’s. Find out how to use nutrition to achieve a good night's sleep.

  • Stress Reduction. Stress begins in the brain. Prolonged levels of stress cause inflammation and damage, resulting in brain shrinkage. Find out which nutrients and herbs are particularly good for stress and also various techniques to help balance mood.

  • Optimise Gut Health.  Learn about the brain-gut link and optimise gut health by addressing issues such as gluten sensitivity, discover foods and supplements to heal the gut, and eradicate unfriendly bacteria, fungi, parasite as necessary.

  • Brain Training.  Regularly carrying out cognitively complex tasks is associated with lowered risk for dementia. Find out how you can improve your brain’s cognition. This brain training system has been thoroughly tested by an international team of neuroscientists with proven results.


Participants receive material presented on each topic explaining how the changes could benefit cognitive function as well as focused activities and discussions. There will be plenty of practical ideas and tools to help them make lasting changes to their lifestyle.  It is hoped over the course of the programme that the group of like-minded participants will provide peer support and motivation for each other.

Who is the program intended for?

If you are concerned about your risk of cognitive decline now or in the future and would like to improve your mood, memory, cognition, focus and concentration - this programme is for you.

How can I find out more?

I am planning to run this programme at my home over the next few months and if you are interested please contact me if you’d like to discuss your suitability for the programme.  

For more information about the Brain Health Programme click here.

The Brain Health Programme Online

If you would prefer to follow the programme from the comfort of your home at a time to suit you, you can do this online.  I would still offer you support either face-to-face or via Zoom if you are not local but the majority of the course would be followed online.  For more information click here.